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Cleaning the outside surface of a home really is not complete without a good roof washing.  In addition to pressure washing the exterior of homes, the expert staff at Can-B-Clean also helps its clients maintain their roof’s integrity with regular cleaning.  Roof cleaning is exceptionally important in the warm Louisiana climate as algae, mildew, moss, and black mold can make themselves at home in between roof shingles and around drains and gutters.  Our professional pressure washers can make sure that your roof stays clean while making sure that the underlying structures remain intact. 

Metairie roof cleaning and soft wash

Many homeowners may assume that roof washing is just like regular pressure washing, a home chore that they can do on their own with a bit of time and elbow grease.  The issue is that professional pressure washing like the kind that Can-B-Clean provides ensures that what protects your home keeps its integrity despite cleaning.  We offer a wide range of power washing services including soft washing that allows us to clean your roof while protecting the integrity of the shingles and preventing potential leaks caused by water pressure that is too high. 

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Roof Cleaning
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How often should I clean my roof?

If your roof is generally new and you regularly clean your gutters and check your roof for debris, you may only need to have your roof cleaned every 2-3 years.  Homeowners with roofs that are aging should consider a professional roof washing at least once a year to remove algae, moss, mildew, and mold that can grow well under shingles and in crevices around the perimeter of the roof in the warm, damp climate of southern Louisiana.  Contact the professionals at Can-B-Clean for a free estimate on roof cleaning.  Regular roof washing can help to keep your home energy efficient by preventing the breakdown of shingles as well as extend the life of your roof by as much as five years.   

What is soft washing?

Our experts use a variety of pressure washing techniques including soft washing.  Soft washing is different from traditional pressure washing because it uses low pressure to remove organic matter like moss and mildew without causing damages to roofing materials that traditional pressure washing techniques might.  Soft washing applies a water-based, biodegradable solution to outdoor surfaces using a sprayer that has a much lower pressure setting and a longer range so that it can easily get to hard to reach places around roofs. When companies like ours use these kinds of techniques, we can ensure the integrity of your roofing materials much better than with traditional power washing. 

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Can-B-Clean is the company you need for all of your pressure washing needs, both residential and commercial.  Contact us today, and we will come out to assess your needs and design a plan for you.  We can even take care of the concrete surfaces to make sure that every exterior around your home maintains its curb appeal and keeps on doing its job for years to come.  If you are in the New Orleans metropolitan area, call us today for more information.  We service clients on both the Northshore and the Southshore.

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